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About us

AVAT4R is an algorithmic trading company

Our company is based in Vilnius, Lithuania and was founded by a group of enthusiasts and professionals from different locations around the world. Each of us is dedicated to their interests and to sharing the professionalism to gain new knowledge and achieve success in trading.

Move to New Heights. Our culture is our benefit. We believe that success relies on working collaboratively, while learning from each other.


We are dedicated innovators who share knowledge to achieve success.

AVAT4R is an international company consisting of multinational minds.
We have a range of skills, knowledge and practice behind us.

Our members are:

specialists in development of algorithmic trading strategies

specialists in optimization of probabilistic models

software engineers skilled in development of electronic exchanges and trading platforms

information security specialists

AI specialists

Every day we learn new skills and acquire knowledge from each other. We believe that our ability to transform ideas into practical solutions makes us a successful team.

What We Do

Optimization of mathematical models

We specialize in working with quantitative databases and raising the efficiency of complex algorithms

Trading indicators

We offer bespoke trading indicators for market technical analysis

Algorithmic trading

We offer you to structure and automate your trading strategies using our algorithmic trading platform


We offer development of mathematical models for various industries, optimization solutions for logistics, raw materials purchase and database analysis

Information Security

We believe that security is a fundamental part of any business. Our systems are safe from any intrusions and have a strong irreversible security. Our company provides secure connectors to bridge traders and trading platforms

Trading strategies

We focus on developing trading strategies using cutting edge AI technologies. Currently we are not offering this service on the market. But we use our strategies for proprietary trading purposes


Buying opportunities - selling solutions

Our company is looking forward to work with clients who seek complex solutions and quality work.

Streamline Ukraine

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Blauberg Ventilatoren

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Who are we looking for?

AVAT4R is looking forward to working with innovative minds who are ready to solve complex challenges and take orderly risks.

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